A Week at Market - WWD Magic Las Vegas

A Week at Market // WWD Magic Las Vegas

MARKET WEEK - AKA "Do or Die" week! Trends are flowing, buyers + vendors from all over the world, new styles and TONS of new spring/summer goodies everywhere you look!!

We recently got back from the Las Vegas market and had a chance to chat with a few retail trend experts. The below is what we've concluded to be the things to keep your eye out for this year! 

1. STRIPES! Ok, not just stripes in general, stripes mixed with every other print in the world. Stripes + floral, stripes + paisley (weird, right?), stripes + polka dots (also weird!). EVERYTHING STRIPES! As we all know, stripes are tricky for different body types. Sometimes they look most flattering in smaller sections, such as on the arms or on a pocket only. Here are a few of the stripe combos we did end up loving!

Navy Stripe Top

(The above top will be in stock in early April! Also available in blush pink)

Floral + Stripe Tee Dress

(Stripe + Floral dress available early April)

2. FLORALS - No surprise here, we all love florals and I'm not sure this trend will be going anywhere, anytime soon. There were so many different floral patterns and color arrangements, it was a bit hard to keep track of. We found that after a few hours, we started to gravitate to the same exact prints, from different vendors. There's this joke in the fashion industry called "Buyer's Blindness", making fun of buyers who are so blinded by one thing, they start seeing it everywhere. We can confirm "Buyer's Blindness" is in fact real!

3. GEOMETRIC JEWELS - Layering geometric jewelry + mixing metals is HUGE right now! (We recently posted a blog about how to style mixed metals - check it out!) We found TONS of gorgeous and unique pieces that are easy to style with items you probably already have at home!

(currently in stock!)

4. Last but not least, KIMONOS! Everyone loves a good kimono. We found basic kimonos to pair with printed tops and dresses, and of course, found our fair share of printed pieces. Below we've shared one look- but don't want to spoil all of the looks before they arrive!

To summarize, market is one of the most exciting weeks of the entire season! However, it is a lot of work and most definitely chaotic! We love coming back to showcase all of the new styles that we've hand picked for the store. Stop by this upcoming First Friday weekend and take a peek at what we brought back!


xoxo, Kayla Taylor

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