Spring 2018 // Mixing Metals

Trend Watch Spring 2018 // Mixed Metals

Trend Watch Spring 2018 // Mixed Metals

How do you choose what to use to accessorize when you start your day? Do you throw whatever feels best on, or are your jewels more carefully selected, each matching the next?

Somewhere, at some point, someone decided there should be an unwritten rule against mixing metals. No gold and silver, no copper and bronze. You know, those same out-dated rules you were told to follow—don't wear white after Labor Day, stay away from matchy-match looks? Yeah, those. And even though you may not be completely brave, you probably have a rule-breaking, self-described "fashion girl" friend who is. If you don’t- it’s probably you!

Personally, I strongly believe that rules — especially fashion rules — were made to be broken and that jewels of all tones, piled high or minimally adorned, can look incredible together with the right styling.

Mixed Metal Ring Stack

If you are in to a more subtle style, make your hands the focal point of your look by choosing rings in a variety of sizes and shapes, and stacking statement bracelets on top of a unique hand piece. If you’re all about drawing the attention to your style, start by mixing necklaces.

Mixed Metal Layering Necklace

I’ve found that mixing metals really work well together when you layer them. Whether you layer a small, dainty choker with a longer statement piece, or just layer with different colors. There is truly no “rule book” when it comes to mixing + layering. 

Mixed Metal Wrist Wear

Layer rings, bracelets or necklaces in mixed metals next to each other. It may seem strange at first, but it will easily create a fashion-forward look. To pull it off, keep the styles and overall appearance the same. So, a modern silver necklace won’t work well with a delicate gold chain. However, three necklaces of similar weight in different metals will look great.

Bracelet Stack

Most importantly, keep it fun and simple! I’d love to see the mixed metal looks you put together. Feel free to send an email with your style to be featured. Until next time, babes! 

XOXO, Kayla

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